Space Power & Propulsion Lab: Members

PhD Students

chap-drewDrew Chap, PhD Student

Research Interests: Numerical simulations of plasmas, parallel computing, fusion power generation, direct energy conversion.
Email: amchap06(at)

adriane-foustAdriane Faust, PhD Student

Research interests: Helicon thruster performance, plasma diagnostics
Phone: (301) 405-8562
Email: afaust1(at)

adam-halperinAdam Halperin, PhD Student

Research interests: Surface mobility, legged motion, pnuematic systems, thermodynamic power conversion
Email: adhalper(at)

marcus-matthewMatthew Marcus, PhD Student

Research interests: Orbital debris remediation, Wireless power transfer, advanced spacecraft propulsion systems, space robotics, space systems
Email: mmarcus2(at)

arber-mastiArber Masati, PhD Student

Research interests: Dielectric barrier discharge, plasma actuators, PIV diagnostics of plasmas
Email: arbermasati(at)

Daniel Mattern, PhD Student

Research interests: Nuclear propulsion
Phone: (301) 405-8562
Email: danwmattern(at)

Elaine Petro, PhD Student

Research Interests: Space propulsion
Phone: (301) 405-8562
Email: epetro(at)

 Pratik Saripalli, PhD Student

Research interests: Electric propulsion, decomposing nitrous oxide thruster development
Email: pratik.saripalli(at)

eric-smithEric Smith, PhD Student

Research interests: Laser ablation, space propulsion
Phone: (301) 405-8562
Email: ericss(at)

josh-sloaneJoshua Sloane, PhD Student

Research interests: Laser ablation, plasma propulsion, inertial electrostatic confinement fusion
Email: jsloane(at)

vitucci-johnJohn Vitucci, PhD Student

Research interests: Electric propulsion, helicon thrusters, application of plasmas to space propulsion, plasma diagnostics.
Email: jtucc210(at)

young-jarredJarred Young, PhD Student

Research interests: Space propulsion systems, electrostatic thruster technology, space launch systems, charged particle dynamics, plasma-material interactions.
Email: jyoung11(at)

BS Students

eric-frizzellEric Frizzell, Aerospace Honors Student

Research interests: Orbital debris, conjunction prediction, GPU acceleration
Phone: (301) 405-8562
Email: efrizz(at)