Adam Halperin

PhD Student

Department of Aerospace Engineering
2101 Glenn L. Martin Wind Tunnel
University of Maryland
College Park, Maryland 20742
Graduate Research Assistant
Space Power and Propulsion Laboratory
Phone: (301) 405-8562 | E-mail: adhalper (at)

Research Interests

Surface mobility, Legged motion, Pnuematic systems, Thermodynamic power conversion

Dissertation Topic

A Pneumatically Actuated Six-Legged Rover Driven by a CO2 Gas Cycle


The development of a legged rover for use on Mars is being pursued in order to improve upon the current state of the art locomotive capabilities and efficiencies. This project involves the design and optimization of pneumatically driven legs for use on a Mars rover, with a focus on improving stability and minimizing work costs. In order to provide the electrical and mechanical power needed by the proposed Mars rover, this design includes the development of a carbon dioxide based Brayton cycle integrated with a pressurized gas production system. Thermal, thermodynamic cycle, pneumatic gas cycle, legged dynamics, and hardware analyses are required throughout.